Eyes on the Network

Our HITRUST® Journey to
Managing Risk with Fortinet.


June 10th
1-2 ET / 10-11 PT


Are you seeing everything there is to see?
How would you know?

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In this webinar, strategies covered include:

What to Say to Auditors About Your Network

Have you ever been faced with a situation where a client or customer asked you to complete a security questionnaire? These are mini-audits, which can be held against you in a bidding scenario if there are problems.

What this information allows you to achieve:
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Webinar topics include:

How to Keep Eyes on Your Network Data

If you wanted to verify that you have sufficient baseline cybersecurity in place, how would you go about it? The hard truth for the leaders of manufacturing organizations is this: You might be safe, and you might not.

The benefits of adopting a baseline cybersecurity approach:
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Develop your understanding about:

Protecting and Securing Your Network

There is a baseline cybersecurity approach that you can utilize to protect your business, such as having appropriate protocols. It starts with having a clearer sense of your present cyber risk landscape and how to mitigate those risks quickly and cost-effectively.

Business advantages include:
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About Your Presenter, Divyash Patel

Divyash Patel is President and CEO of MX2 Technology. Founded in 2004, MX2 provides executive IT leadership to the biopharma, manufacturing and other industries. Only MX2 offers the MX2 Platform for baseline cybersecurity, compliance and IT to minimize risk and control chaos for busy executives.

For more information, visit mx2technology.com.