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Managing Your BioPharma IT

Biopharmaceuticals is a highly competitive field where every advantage counts. You need your IT to be reliable, meet the needs of your GxP systems, maintain complete HIPAA compliance, and make your life and job easier—not harder.

The BioPharma industry has been resistant to fully embracing innovations like full automation, but now more and more organizations are recognizing the benefits of investing in efficiency-boosting technology.

Managed GxP Systems

Supporting and maintaining GxP systems can eat up your team’s time and resources,  especially if you don’t have specific experience working with these types of solutions. On the other hand, outsourcing your GxP system management guarantees you high levels of operations and compliance.

Our GxP management solutions cover your GLP, GMP, and GCP systems, supporting everything from your labs and workstations to manufacturing systems. We not only keep your GxP systems working smoothly on a daily basis, but we also implement rigorous risk management controls and documentation to minimize the effect of any potential risks or threats.

With MX2 handling your GxP system management, you’ll know that compliance regulations are being met and that your systems are working efficiently.


GxP Private Cloud

Do you know how utilizing cloud solutions can help your BioPharma company? Benefits that can come from using a private cloud solution for your GxP systems and storage include:

We work with you to determine the needs of your specific organization’s data and software and the best way to migrate your GxP systems. With the cloud’s capabilities of scalability, advanced firewalls and encryption, and backup and monitoring solutions, our private cloud for GxP systems completely secures and simplifies your processes and data.

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting services are not only secure, they follow all HIPAA guidelines, meaning you can use the cloud to securely store protected health information of clients and healthcare partners.

This solution simplifies HIPAA compliance for storing PHI by taking out the worry of getting other systems and storage options up to date, instead implementing one streamlined platform and solution to your storage compliance.


Work with MX2 to Optimize Your BioPharma IT

Don’t get left behind as the last businesses to innovate and automate. Work with MX2 for IT and Project Services that build your company, bring out your potential, and boost you beyond your competitors.

With our unique services for businesses in the BioPharma industry, including specialized GxP system management and HIPAA compliance, your IT becomes an asset instead of a roadblock.

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