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If you are a DoD contractor or your operations support any part of the Defense Industrial Base, MX2’s unique mix of expertise, products, services and solutions were built expressly for you. Learn more.

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Defense Contractors to the Federal Government

Cybersecurity requirements are changing the playing field for manufacturers and contractors in the DoD supply chain. Whether it’s NIST, CMMC 2.0 or whatever comes next, the stakes are high and getting higher.

The challenge of meeting these stringent security standards, without a sophisticated IT staff or a significant IT budget, can seem overwhelming.  

Where do you stand?

Like it or not, your digital operations require strategy-level attention. Alongside meeting federal requirements, our clients tell us customers, insurers and potential partners are increasingly asking about their IT systems and processes, including business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Those questions can be the difference between success or failure.

Our clients have an answer for all of them: the MX2 Platform.


Stand on the MX2 Platform

The MX2 Platform is more than a secure cloud-based IT infrastructure: It’s a complete HITRUST certified cybersecurity compliance package.

Earning this certification is not easy. HITRUST is simply the most comprehensive security, privacy, and compliance assessment available. Certification is your proof that the MX2 Platform aligns with CMMC 2.0 among dozens of other standards and regulations, holding our controls and processes accountable to all of them at once.

This way, DoD contractors like you can focus growth, not IT. To discover what’s possible for your business, get in touch.

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