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The HITRUST Certified MX2 Platform protects, simplifies and upgrades your IT environment in one of the most secure virtual infrastructures available. Find out more now.

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The digital world is a risky place. Cybercrime is rampant. Ransomware attacks threaten companies large and small. And the bad guys are getting more and more sophisticated.

Data security is not the only risk either—especially if your IT infrastructure is on premises. When servers crash, communication and production grind to a halt. And if the AC goes out in your server room or you have a fire, flood or disgruntled employee, good luck.

On top of all that, contract opportunities are increasingly demanding proof not only of a secure IT, but also secure processes and procedures, and business continuity plans.


In the face of these pressures, you have options. You could just hope no one ever clicks on the wrong link or spills coffee on a server. Or you could choose to keep investing in new hardware and software–and the necessary expertise to keep it maintained and secure, while trying to meet the cybersecurity requirements of your customers on your own.

Or you could take advantage of the MX2 Platform and never worry about your IT infrastructure again.


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The MX2 Platform answers all the IT challenges most small businesses face in a hyper-secure environment—so secure it was awarded HITRUST Certification. That means your IT infrastructure will meet and exceed dozens of government regulations and industry standards.

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